Google Photos launches private messaging for quickly sharing photos

It’s been at least a few months since Google launched a new messaging platform. I was beginning to get worried…


This is spectacular. This one will really take off I bet.

That article is so funny, it doesn’t mention ONE negative thing about it. I mean I get it, Google Photo’s is a spectacular app. However it doesn’t mention that literally every other messaging service ever has the ability to share photos, so why in the sam hell would you need another one tucked inside Photo’s?
Doesn’t mention Google’s fantastic inability to properly implement any messaging services. It’s 100% fluff.


I tried to use it with my mom but I do not feel it like a Hangouts / Allo / RCS replacement but as a Snapchat / Instagram replacement, it is nice

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Actually @MikeElgan would benefit from it for his nicebook

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Since deleting facebook I have also taken the same approach as Mike to sharing my photos w/ family. All my close family have Google Photo’s and they always open my notifications when I send them albums. I think its a fine idea. It’s still silly though.

I don’t know why but Google Photo sharing has been broken for so long! Lets see how long before they kill this feature.