Google Failures, Will it never stop?

Failure at Social two or 3 times. Failure at Music. Can’t they just stop trying the things outside their core?

I don’t see why they should stop. They have the money to try new things and fail. I still regularly use Google Play All Access. When that fully becomes YouTube Music, I’ll still be using it for the ad-free YouTube and background playback of YouTube on mobile devices. It’s all non-central to their business of advertising and cloud services. By many metrics, the Pixel phones are failures as flagship phones, but I don’t think they should stop making them.


They should spend some of that money on making the Apps safer. Many useful Apps there, but too many with problems that cause many folks troubles. OH ! Crap, the Play Store is a failure too, unless you like maleware.

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The reason they should stop is that it tarnishes their reputation. Microsoft was once top of the heap. Now hoards have abandoned ship for Chrombooks, Linux etc. Oh I should applaud successes such as Chromebooks.

Can always use iPhones if you don’t like Google/Android stuff


How do you achieve an advancement on anything without trying new things? Someone has to be willing to take a risk of failure to ever actually succeed.


Now hoards have abandoned ship for Chrombooks

Isn’t it a little ironic that your first post says “Can’t they just stop trying the things outside their core”, but now you’re talking about how successful Chromebook (something that is far more outside their core) is successful and beating Microsoft at their own game?

Hindsight is always 2020, it’s easy to tell now which things they did were successful and which weren’t, that doesn’t mean that it was at the time.

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Success? I thought it was running a long distance behind the “Other” category in global usage, certainly way behind macOS and Linux. It is supposedly clinging onto 1.12% (Linux is 1.6% and macOS ~19%).

(I was actually surprised by how much macOS has gained over the last few years, it used to be well under 10%.)

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They may have sold a few Chromebooks in the USA during that time, but their current global usage is still just over 1%.

I’ll bet that they’ve sold a ton of them lately. ALL the school districts around here have been giving them to kids who don’t have devices at home - so they can do the At Home learning. This has been on the news a lot. I imagine that is going on around the entire country.

Several of the Chromebooks on the Best Buy website have been sold out on and off over the past 6 weeks too. I bet that by the end of 2020, they will have a bigger market share here in the USA.

And yea - I can see how they have a small % globally, as many members here in other countries have claimed how hard they are to get in their country. Here in the USA, though - their market is increasing.

I’ve got 3 of them, and they are fantastic.


Yeah, I’ve never understood ChromeOS and Google’s attitude to it. In the USA, it seems to be pushed hard at education, yet over here, Google thinks it is such a great product, it isn’t even mentioned on their website and their Shop doesn’t have any Chromebooks, not even their own Pixelbooks are available on the Google Store!


I see a bit of bickering on ideas here. In my opinion I think its great for them to try new things. With out trying new things, like Google’s messaging (hahahhaha) We won’t ever get new thing with out some experimenting. If I had the funds to do things myself I probably would. However I do not. So I say Google/Alphabet go spend that money. Go try new things. I think Google was wise to go under the parent company and keep their core as a separate entity. I look forward to seeing what our tech companies bring us in the future.


We see the ads for Chromebooks here in Canada, but the prices just aren’t cost effective. You can get a slow piece of no RAM crap for $500Cdn but if you want a NICE Chromebook, they’re all almost $1500-$2000Cdn. Who in their right mind is spending that kind of money on a Chromebook when a proper laptop (Windows or MacOS or heaven for fend Linux) can be had for $800Cdn or more.