Google Assistant’s interpreter mode is coming to phones today

I think this is pretty cool - instant translation. Wow. Almost like the universal translator on Trek, if ya stop and think about it…

I had not yet tried this yet, and it seems like this will make access to this option even easier on phones…

Have any of ya’ll tried this before? Does it work well?


I plan on trying it. I use Google Translate all the time in Japan and Korea (it doesn’t have Tagalog unfortunately) and it is amazing.

Granted most people speak English in all three of those countries but when you really need it, it’s a life saver.

So if it’s using all the same technologies that allow Translate to work so well hopefully it’ll be a very useful tool.

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I know it’s an old post but I’m old and slow. We live in France and love looking at menus with very funny English. How we laughed. We would tell the owner sometimes and they would laugh with us. One of our favourites was an ingredient. Lardons, small bacon strips. But it had been translated to Let us bacon. The mind boggles. à bientôt.


WIth Windows Vista, Microsoft decided that they didn’t need to let the Germans do the translation, they thought they could do it at their HQ in Redmond. There were some absolute howlers in there.

The best was the translation for Network Neighbourhood: “Adjust the attitude of your neighbours” (Die Eigenschaften Ihrer Nachbarn ändern)

Unfortunately, it never allowed you to do what it said. I could never get my neighbours to stop playing loud music using that tool! :smiley:

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