Germany has 4 "dangle trains"

@Leo I know you want to go ride the Wuppertal suspended train, but there may be another one (or three) to check out while you’re there.


That’s cool! There’s a long article on Wikipedia explaining why these upside-down monorails never became widespread. It does mention the Dusseldorf line which is equally antique.

I find the uprated period footage of the Schwebebahn fascinating, especially as it feels like this is what 1901 thought towns would look like in, say, 2000. A vision of a future that didn’t happen. It has some similarities with the roadways in the air in Fritz Lang’s 1927 film “Metropolis”.

Went to the Mobility Museum today. They had a lovely little model of one of the original cabins of the Wuppertal Bahn. They had more pleasant design way back when than in the late 20th century.


It also seems like a solution to the problem of the Wuppertal area partially being a narrow valley with too little space for anything taking up more space than what can be hung over the river. :man_shrugging: