FRS handheld radio recommendation

Hi All,
I do not have my ham radio license but I watch the show every week. I am a Tennis Teaching Pro and I go to the major Tennis tournaments all the time. A lot of the time my Google Pixel phone does not work very well at the Tournament grounds to call my friend. I am looking for a good quality radio that I can carry around and has the unlicensed bands. I probably only need a 1-2 mile range. At least one option I would like is good squelch control. I have a cheeps pair and the squelch control is terrible.
I will be watching or listening to the show latter today.

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Try this;

My In-laws are EMTs and use a similar model, is the friend just outside the venue waiting t pick you up and are you able to send voice messages instead? Why would the 2-way radio be the best option for you?

No my friend is somewhere inside the stadium. We agree on a time and location inside the stadium to meet but we still miss each other. At least voice calls are terrible in side the stadium so that is not an option. Maybe texting might work, I am not sure. I just know cell reception is terrible! I am on AT&T. Calls go through as though the other party did not pick up the call. Giving me a frustrated feeling that my friend just does not answer his phone when half the time it was the bad cell network. I wanted to find an easier option to try. I would love if there was a reliable nexttel type option on my pixel 4xl att network.
I just thought a handheld radio would be a better option. Its not easy to get my friend to use any of these options. Just trying to make my life a little easier.