Free Online IT training

I have listened to Leo on The Tech Guy for years, and I have heard him mention some online resources for people who want to learn IT training… Some free options.

Now, I have a friend who wants to do that, but I cannot remember the sites…

I think he said Harvard had some free lectures online, with video… I think it was Harvard - maybe it was some other school. He has also mentioned many other sites…

I wish I had written all that down.

Anyone know of anything, or remember the sites that Leo has mentioned in the past?

I probably recommended edX - not all the courses are free but many are. It was created by Harvard and MIT.

I took, and loved, the University of British Columbia’s introductory programming courses:

A great starting point is Harvard’s intro to computer science:

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Thanks a bunch!!!

I audited the course for 2020 and I was absolutely impressed with the quality for free (including the infrastructure to automatically mark/grade a majority of the assignments.) You might think it’s a light course because it’s free, but it’s not… it’s quite rigorous… but it moves fast, so you have to work diligently to make the most of it.

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Appreciate the info.

IT training could be quite a bit different than programming/coding classes.

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Have study/learn the COMP-TIA stuff and Cisco CCNA. You can find quite a bit for free.

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