Ford making dealers get EV certified

I wonder if @samabuelsamid thinks this is a good step, or if the longer term will be to have laws rewritten away from having dealers at all, sending it all online. One presumes the value of after sale repairs will go way down if EVs don’t require significant maintenance. Also seems like a good opportunity for someone to launch a business that ONLY deals in new and used EVs. (But that presumes it could grow big enough to “force” the manufacturers to deal with it.)

I think it is a good move, they need to get EV dealers to stop abusing customers. GM is taking a different approach by offering to buy out franchises of dealers that don’t want to invest in EVs. As Tesla has proven, while EVs don’t need oil changes, they do need service on other systems and having a dealer network to provide service and support can be advantageous. However, longer term we will need changes in the franchise laws. We’ve already seen a big shift in the past 2 years to online sales with the dealer just handling delivery and that will expand