Flattening of bandwidth demand spikes

Here’s a comparison of bandwidth graphs at my ISP’s point of interconnect with the National Broadband Network.

This time last year, usage spikes in the evening:

Now, the demand has flattened out somewhat with increased work from home:

Traffic is up 21 - 30% on last month according to the NBN and throughput has been recorded at 13.8Tbps:

All in all, I think Australia’s NBN is coping pretty well and the NBN should be praised for increasing bandwidth allocations for no extra charge (even if the wholesale charging model is not great).

Anyway, that’s an Australian’s view on how the networks are coping under increased load from working at home.

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I was seeing similar reports from Openreach in the UK. Peak demand is actually much the same, it’s off-peak that has increased by 20-30% so they are confident there’s enough capacity.

Same with the usage caps. They’ve removed them for everybody here.

All of the talk about the internet not being able to cope with people working from home and reducing the bandwidth on Netflix is all nonsense.
The free version of COD MW was released yesterday which caused the biggest ever spike at the London Internet Exchange.

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