Firefox release cadence intended to increase

I had missed this when the announcement came out, it came up today when I was checking when the next release of Firefox is due (the 7th of Jan, FYI.)

I don’t expect this makes much difference, but that the version numbers will now go up about twice as fast. It will be interesting to see if there are any benefits to a faster release cycle.

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How about this idea…
Just get it right before releasing to the public !

I would be happier with less updates due to bug fixes.
However as we all know, bigger numbers are better so lets see if we can’t get FF v100 out this year.


Well the W3C is the issue here, I expect. They keep adding “features” to the Web… and the browser providers have a ever increasing demand to be the first to support some new esoteric feature. I would be happy if we threw the current web completely away and designed something fresh with less features and more security.

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Hopefully it will go better than the Windows 10 Feature Updates do.

I’ve never had any major issues with Firefox releases. It’s mostly been about updating my userChrome.css file.

I agree with @PHolder about the release cycle being driven by these odd features. I don’t know how many times I had to use some library to build something and it only worked in one browser and I had to jerry-rig something so that it was universally accessible.

The team I was with was stuck on using the “latest” tech, even if it didn’t work right.

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