MBW 697: Stop Sniffing My AirPods

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I’ll say this: After listening to Rene Ritchie explain the circumstances under which Apple may or may not be encrypting iCloud data, I have a new standard by which to judge Microsoft’s communication skills. The decision tree seems complicated to the point where you need a hunting dog and a Ouija board to actually find out what’s going on.

The fact that Rene seems to have the understand he has is, frankly, incredible. But - wow.


iCloud encryption is hard enough to understand, but iCloud itself is so misunderstood that it seems like that would be a good subject for a program all by itself. Most people think it is a storage program, but really it’s a program to keep all your info synced across devices. Delete something on your phone, it’s gone everywhere. I once asked an Apple Care member on the phone if something is in my iCloud, is it stored locally on my computer, and if so where? This was 2017, and his answer was, “that’s a good question.” And why, if you also back up your photos to Google Photos, and you delete it there, does it delete it from iCloud?

I use iCloud every day, but really, I know just enough about it to be dangerous.

If Leo is mystified by aspects of iCloud, is there hope for the rest of us?

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Me personally. I prefer fail safe, over fail secure. If the government has a lawful warrant they will come seize my device anyways and try to gain access to it anyways. I don’t do anything illegal and I also don’t foresee a reason for them to serve a search warrant anytime soon so I’m not concerned about the government currently. If my needs change I will start searching for fail secure as needed. But for now I prefer the convience.

Rene has completed and posted his Vector video explaining this further. Its at imore.com if interested.

So, iCloud backup is encrypted and secure - the thing is, Apple has a key so they CAN get into it in the event they are served a legal subpoena for the information - if this is an issue, then you should do your backups on your Mac with encryption so even Apple can’t get it!