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Merry Christmas everyone (and Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate). I have a slightly silly issue that I am trying to plan for. I enjoy reading on my Nook and download stories from an great online community. This community has commenting, site-rating, reader-rating, etc. It makes it a lot easier to find stories and support authors that are good and worth the time reading.

My issue begins with the fact that this site is based around a fandom. The show has now come to a close and I would like to start finding a place where I can still find some good stories as this site will likely begin to shrink. If anyone knows of some good suggestions, I would appreciate it. The site doesn’t need to be fandom based, I would even like to branch out. It would just be exceedingly desirable to have some kind of community ranking system. That has pointed out so many new stories that I would never have tried before.

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It’s a friendly group, Can you just come out and tell us what you’re
looking for?
I like science fiction and the sub-reddit printSF is one of the best places I’ve found for good related conversations and book recommendations.

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That is the fun part, I’m not stuck on a single kind. I’ve enjoyed SciFi, slice of life, fantasy, and more. I will check out some subreddits.

To satisfy your curiosity, though, I am using I stumbled actually this grand drawing of a desert once and saw it was for some story. I gave it a shot and it was pretty well written. After that I ended up checking out the show and enjoyed the wholesomeness and silly jokes. After that I’ve been finding authors that were so good I ended up donating to some.

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What is “slice of life” fiction?

Easy way to describe it is as a day to day drama. Similar in a way to the Sunday newspaper comic Family Circus.

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Ok. I understand…

Google reddit fim fiction and there’s a number of sub-reddits related to what you want.
Try this…

I will definitely check out some fiction sub-reddits. I was just hoping that someone may have know another site that has general fiction, not just fan fiction. I really ended up staying on fimfiction because the way the rating and comments system was put together made it unbelievably easy to find good writing.