Feedback to a Website

Often websites provide no e-mail address, only a feedback box.
Is there a way to send an attachment? I ask because my Walmart grocery order is now 12 hrs overdue. I would like to show them the Door Dash drivers SMS comments.

If you contact Walmart and explain to them what happened and that you have an screenshots of the conversation with your dasher, they will most likely give you a way to send them that feedback. Either via an upload tool or an email address. This is if you can get to an actual human and past the bot. The human is going to want the proof of the issue that has occurred so they can rectify the issue. But you may have more luck by contacting the local Walmart Manager vs corporate. The local store manager may not realize this is happening.

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Wow sounds like some trouble at your local store. Might try emailing their corporate offices as well. Sometimes that gets a response from larger companies. That’s cool your Door Dash driver was up front about the situation.

Good ideas thank you. Walmart did send me a e-mail in response to my making a complaint on their chat function. I made an attachment to this e-mail in reply. They responded they are not allowed to open attachments. Probably a good policy in view of malware, viruses etc. They did cancel the order and said I should reorder. My order instead went to KROGER.

Glad to hear you are getting your order still… I’d still try contacting Walmart local. That may prevent the issue from happening again in the future. Especially on times when the store manager themselves aren’t working and its assistant store manager letting the department managers run everything. This is when things tend to start slipping. Former K-Mart associate lol

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