Facebook is building an operating system so it can ditch Android

What do you guys think of this? Facebook making their own OS?

In reading some of the comments after the story, I see many complaining about it. I don’t think I would use a Facebook OS, personally.

I think here is a good reason not to trust them with anything :stuck_out_tongue:

I imagine after reading the many opinions of Facebook on this forum, I think most of ya’ll would not use a Facebook OS, if it ever filters down to phones or computers that come with their OS already installed (ie - like a Facebook version of a Chromebook)


I would not use it. Don’t trust them at all with any of my info. They will as usual, abuse the data they gather with it. FaceBook is a hive community, Forums are all the social websites I use.


Well Facebook must be losing data point’s (subscribers) so whats the next best thing know everything that you do on your phone or what ever this garbage will be running on.
My guess is they will just customize the linux kernel and add their apps and call it their own, dont we will see anything great about it. I for one wouldn’t touch it.


I won’t have their app on any of my devices, so there’s no way I’d go near this. :fearful:


not i said the fly… (not using a Facebook op system)
zero trust in Facebook


Facebook says it’s considering building true retail space into the Burlingame office to let people try and then buy its hardware products.

Is there a Facebook ecosystem in that much demand that a retail store could be successful? Am I that out of the loop?


I admit - that does seem curious

I would never consider using a Facebook OS. Ditto any Chinese-made OS. I do use Facebook to see posts from some friends and family and to request laptop donations to The Laptop Elf Project

But an OS? No Way.