Extremely Illegal Record For Cross-Country Cannonball Run Shattered


I thought this was interesting… Damn, those guys were going fast…

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Whoa 27 hours is NUTS! I’ve always wanted to do a Cannonball run. I did a run from Philadelphia to Santa Monica pier in 39h a while back with a buddy. Had just bought a brand new Challenger R/T and wanted to break it in. We were dead tired at the end and the car smelled awful. Kansas is the straightest, flattest place I’d ever driven through.


I’ve seen the movie from the late 70s/early 80s. But, never had the urge to do that :stuck_out_tongue:


“But there was also a built-in Net Radar radar detector, a windshield-mount Escort Max 360 radar detector, an AL Priority laser jammer system and an aircraft collision avoidance system—a bit of gear usually used in airplanes to help them avoid hitting other airplanes.”

Now that, is awesome :grin:

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Could these use the data from the Garmin or other devices to prove they were illegal post this event? What’s preventing them from being given endangerment or reckless driving post event based on this article or the devices used@

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Right now, I suppose no one can prove the route they went. Where exactly did the drive?