End of an Era: Goodbye Adobe Flash (aka Macromedia Flash)

Got this pop-up the other day:


Adobe Flash had a great run… shame that it wasn’t a particularly secure one… :wink:


I was in the meeting where Steve Jobs said “no more Flash”


I haven’t had Flash on any of my PCs since 2010. I used to keep a VM around with Flash for VMware administration, until we upgraded to VMware vSphere 6.5.

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I haven’t actively installed Flash in years, but IE kept it around, patching it as part of Windows for many years, and Google kept their version around even though I had disabled it. For at least 2+ years I have actively had it disabled, and I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a reason to wish differently.

I uninstalled IE years ago on all my devices and I don’t use Chrome… Just Firefox and I never installed it in Firefox.

One of the websites I use at work to monitor the computers of sex offenders uses flash.

They created a new website with a new interface that doesn’t use flash. But, I honestly like the old version better. I have the choice of which one I want to sign in on. I still use the old one for now. But yea, the days are numbered.

How am I going to enjoy Homestar Runner cartoons with all the hidden Easter eggs without Flash?! (…not that I’ve run Flash in over 8 years anyway.)

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A shame. There will be decades worth of games, animations and other creative and informative work that will disappear, or become significantly more difficult to access. I understand there’s efforts to both develop a more secure, open source Flash player alternative, and archive games etc so they are still usable, which I need to look in to.

Ultimately life will go on, as it did after Java applets, Shockwave player, Unity web player etc stopped working. But I do find it a bit sad when I’m reading an old web page and there’s just a box where a Flash graph or whatever used to be, or I try to play an old web game from when I was younger and can’t get it working.

But then, I am a bit of a data hoarder lol.

Edit: This funny pic that has been floating around sums up what I mean!

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