Elon has taken control of Twitter

I have no dog in this hunt (as I have no Twitter account) but I foresee rough times ahead–good luck, have fun, Twitter!

It’s already noticeably more aggressive on Twitter tonight here in Australia. Not going to delete the account but I’ll likely logout and just sit it out for a while yet.

I see information about a tweet from Elon saying the bird is free and then a follow-up tweet from a European regulator suggesting that the bird will fly by European rules.

I see a post saying lay-offs are occuring, as well as follow-up suggesting that maybe the people pictured are somehow faking being Twitter employees.

The more confusion the better, it would seem… somehow fitting for anything Elon.


Edit: So pretending to be laid of, apparently. Actors impersonate laid-off Twitter employees carrying boxes outside HQ - The Verge