Do guests get paid to come on TWIT shows?

Just curious … I understand regular hosts like Jeff Jarvis get paid for coming on TWIT, but I have always wondered whether guests who just come in to talk for a few minutes on a particular topic, do they get paid too?


I think Tech News Weekly hosts come on in exchange for “exposure.” I think the radio show guests (the Photo Guy, the Travel Guy, The AV Guy, the Car Guy and the Gadget Guy (Chris, Johnny, Scott, Sam and Dick)) all are doing the show for promoting their own services. I think all the regular hosts earn union “scale” type pay. I’m sure @Leo will set me straight if I misunderstand.


It varies. We never pay “guests” who come on once or occasionally to share their expertise. We pay the regulars who appear every week. The amount varies depending on the profitability of the show.


Thank you both Leo and PHolder!