Decent Android QR Code Reader?

Can anyone recommend a decent, safe, simple QR code reader for Android? There are SO many choices in the Play store. It seems like they all have ads embedded and/or ask for weird unnecessary permissions.

What are ya’ll using?

I haven’t used on in years. I think my Samsung has it built in these days.

The generic “Barcode” app was pulled by Google last month, as it had been sold by its author and the new owners filled it up with trackers and malware. :frowning:

My device recognizes QR codes in the native camera app as well, but it won’t simply scan in text or numbers - it complains when the code doesn’t contain a URL or a WiFi network, etc. What a pain!

It’s not something I use often, but I have one called “QR Code Reader” by TWMobile. It has a small continuous ad across the bottom and a very minimalist interface. No further endorsement than it works for me the few occasions I’ve needed a scanner.

I have one I’ve used for years called “Barcode Scanner”. Though, I very rarely use it. Only on the extreme rare occasion lately that I go out for dinner and need to scan to get the menu.

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Yes, that’s the one. It’s not the one that has been pulled due to Malware.

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Google Lens has a QR reader built in.


I like QRCoba aka QR Code Reader - Scanner App. I haven’t looked into it deeply but it does all the basic stuff pretty well. It has a “History” function that comes in very handy for me when I make multiple train reservations.

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