Daughter looking for laptop recommendations

My daughter does marketing and creative design. She’d like a 15" laptop and spend up to around $1500.
Can I please get your suggestions?

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I don’t personally own or use laptops, but the only brands I would consider are:

I think I would start by comparing any possible contenders against the DELL XPS 15"

such as maybe the HP Envy

or Lenovo


Does she have a preference for Windows or Mac? Many creatives prefer using Macs and the new M1 chip has just started rolling out. If she prefers a Windows machine, then @PHolder has some great recommendations.

Edit to add…how soon does she need it?

She needs Windows and she wants to get it soon. She went to Costco and Best Buy to eyeball & touch the keyboards on different ones in person.
I’m not sure which brand/model she’s leaning towards right now.

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I second the Lenovo recommendation. Anything in their Thinkpad line. Their consumer lines can be hit/miss in my experience though.

I’ve also been pretty satisfied with the Surface Laptop 3. It’s not as utilitarian as the Thinkpad, but it’s well built and very sleek. Might be a good choice for someone going into marketing.