Laptop for College


My wife just went back to school. She’s been using her Samsung Chromebook Pro, but she feels like it’s not enough to help her with her schoolwork. She also complained that she wants a larger screen size. The size of the Chromebook is 12.3 inches. I’m thinking somewhere in the 15 inch range.

I know Leo has been pretty high on the Lenovo Yoga Series and Father Robert seems pretty high on the Asus laptops.

What would you all recommend for a laptop for college? The budge is between $500 and $1,000.

Thanks or your assistance.

Computers are a funny thing. What I may love and think is the best to type on can easily be hated by someone else. Key Travel & Key size will differ from individual in terms of preference. I’d suggest taking her to Best Buy and letting her look around and see what she thinks feels best. Even if you buy it online to get the best deal, at least she will have an idea what she is looking for. Best of luck to you in the search.

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I’m curious what specifically she thinks is missing? I see a lot of students with Mac laptops, so maybe she is secretly pining for Apple? It might help if you mentioned what she is studying… for example if she were studying software development she might want something that can run software development tools.

I’ve never used a Chromebook, and don’t like laptops in general, but I am never far from a desktop so it’s not a need I have. My understanding of Chromebooks was that they were focused on online [Google] apps, like Google’s office suite, which would frequently be replaced by Microsoft Office on a Windows laptop, which means an extra cost. I like the idea of a Chromebook for a student because it would generally include automatic cloud backup and there is an easy way to reset it to fresh if things go really wrong… and they’re cheaper to replace if they end up lost/stolen/broken.

I’m curious as to what she’s missing, as well. Admittedly, I’m an avid Chromebook endorser. If she wants to stay on chrome, but is missing something, I’d be happy to try to help. If she does need Windows or Mac for whatever she’s doing, I’ll parrot Phil’s advice about getting her somewhere she can physically play with the options


Yoga is a good suggestion, Lenovo makes some very high quality machines. I was going to suggest the Surface Pro, that’s what I used for my classes, using the pen and being able to take Snips of the book and paste them into my notes was revolutionary.

But the SP has a small screen as you said she would like to avoid. I think the Yoga is a good option as you can take your digital notes, get the full laptop experience all on a larger screen.

Thank you all for your help. I’ve told her that we need to go to an electronics store and let her feel them. That way she’ll find out if 15 inches is big enough or too big and try to find the right keyboard.


Similar discussion in the pub last week, friend’s wife needed a new laptop, although she was tied to MS Office, wanted something simple and reliable (no fancy ultrabook needed). Didn’t want to spend too much.

Did some searching, noticed Amazon refurb Lenovos. Solid, upgradeable machines for not much money…