Cybersecurity Humble Book Bundle

This might be of interest to some people. @Leo has mentioned having an interest in this area in the past.


Is it safe to assume that these books are geared towards experts? Are there any books in this bundle that are recommended for beginners?

I bought the bundle a couple of years ago and this one is pretty much the same, there are a couple of introduction books there, but they are begging in Infosec, which usually means a fairly good understanding of IT to begin with.

i.e. the Kali books will assume a basic level of knowledge about Linux and networking. The same for the AWS Pentest book, it is for experienced Pentesters looking to move into cloud testing.

I bought the bundle. For a hobbiyst Infosec person (I work as an admin and I am interested in Infosec), they are a goldmine. For somebody looking to get into Infosec, they will be invaluable, once you have the basics down - good grounding in Linux, networking, Windows and security in general.