Cyberpunk 2077 Released

Anybody else pick up Cyberpunk 2077? I grabbed it last night on PC, pretty cool so far. Luckily haven’t encountered any of the bugs I’ve been reading about. Very pretty running on my Radeon 5700XT.


I grabbed it a week before launch. Ran nicely using an RTX 2060 all High or Ultra settings, DLSS on, RTX off. Solid 70 fps. Ran into a few bugs, nothing gamebreaking yet. Been doing a slow crawl through the game so I’m sure the bugs will be fixed by the time I get to them. Having a lot of fun with it so far. Just shy of 30 hrs in.


worst bug i’ve encountered after ~30 hours:

pretty typical kinda bug for an open world game like this. even on my last gen 5700XT it’s a pretty gorgeous game imo

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