Cord cut. What is better for streaming live tv, Hulu or YouTubeTV

Opinions please. Interface, performance, bugs, ease of use for those not tech inspired.

I had PSVue for a long time and it was very “wife friendly”. Once we heard they were going to shut down in January we tried both Hulu Live TV and YouTubeTV. I really liked the interface and DVR for YouTubeTV. Hulu was ok. What really made the decision for me was picture quality during football games, YTTV looked so much better. Try them both though, that is what is great about cord cutting, free trials. Many times it comes down to channels you like, but I think Hulu and YTTV are similar with channel selection.

I subscribe to YouTube TV. Performance is great, no bugs that I can tell, and it has always ran without a hitch for me (as long as I have an internet connection that is). Ease of use - if you can navigate a channel guide, you’re good to go :slight_smile:

I prefer it because of it’s unlimited DVR storage. Click ‘record’ on any given show/series and it will record them all - super easy…no need to manage your recordings. Also, the ability to rearrange and hide channels in the guide is really nice - as I page down in the guide, I have all the local channels grouped first, then movie channels, news, etc.

Most of the streaming services (if not all) have trial periods. Sign up for all of them and keep what you like! Also, thanks to the month-to-month subscription models if down the road you decide you want to switch to something else you can easily do so.


From one who has tried them all with the exception of Sling, I believe Youtube TV provided the best picture quality and performance (very rarely buffered). However, you have to pick on with the channels that are of interest to you. I didn’t try Sling because it has no locals and I cant get a HD Antenna to work where I live. The worst was DirectTV. Very expensive and UI was not great. Hulu TV wasnt bad but has raised price from 35 to 54.95 in a very short time.