Control Panel vs Settings in Windows

Have had increasing difficulty with my microsoft id. Noticed removing a program from settings does not delete it from my computer. Only when deleting it from control panel is the program removed. My speculation is Microsoft is setting this up for a different use case. As Microsoft is used most for business and other similar situations, are they hiding the real controls so the computer can only be controlled by the admin?

A program removed in the Apps section of Setting should remove the program from the computer.
Something I have noticed though particularly with apps that are installed with Windows 10 or are part of Microsoft, sometimes have multiple things that need to be uninstalled.

For instance, I remove Microsoft Onedrive from most of my installs and I have found it under apps as Microsoft Onedrive and just Onedrive and needed to uninstall both for it to be removed.

Possibly a full version and a Microsoft store/App version, I’m not sure.


The problem I have, is that I don’t have enough rights to uninstall a program from the new settings, but I do from the control panel.

Whether I am logged on as an administrator or domain administrator, I can’t use settings.

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The program involved was dropbox. I uninstalled thru settings but had issues with ID. When backing up a Roots Magic software file to my computer(the file still had dropbox in the save to). Only when I found control panel and deleted Dropbox was I able to save directly to my computer. And yes dropbox was still listed in as installed in programs in control panel. when deleting from the settings I saw I was deleting an app NOT a program.

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The app disappeared from my computer but only when I went to the control panel was I able to remove it from my computer. After I removed the app Dropbox was still on my computer but not visible to me. I did not change my account. That means same account I needed to remove it from programs not just apps.

Dropbox is different from some other apps as it is involved in all my devices and my accounts.