Club TWiT Questions and Answers

@Leo and @moderators - unfortunately this is the only screen / option I am presented with. Possibly there is a roundabout way to pay through Google Pay etc., it would be helpful if you could “pin” those methods to the top of the channel.

I believe that the payment options you are presented with vary depending on what OS/browser you’re on. Maybe Google Pay will show up in Chrome on and Android device?

Apple Pay gives you a Mastercard number, at least in the US. If you’re using Chrome on Android you can use Google Pay. Check the FAQ:

I appreciate your willingness to support us! Stay tuned - I think we’re going to add Apple subscriptions, too.

Is available in your area? I operate the same way, I rarely ever leave a static card in a system if I can help it.

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No. And no Apple Pay either / or Apple Card (yet). Not sure why Apple has not prioritized it. Both Amazon pay and Google Pay are doing pretty well. India is a large market for mobile phone based digital micro-transactions. Govt has actively advocated for it over the past few years as a method of financial inclusion, and certainly the pandemic has been a big catalyst. I think the last cash transaction I have done may have been over 2 years back, and not more than 10 times in the past 3-4 years.

You mean the new Apple Podcasts stuff or the ability to manage subs in the settings app? The latter would be great and I’d love to switch over my existing subscription to that if possible.

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