Clean My Mac X and Catalina

Using latest Clean my Mac X with Catalina. Want to locate and uninstall all 32 bit applications. There is a 32 bit button but it doesn’t find any of the 32 bit applications. Does anybody know of a workaround for this?

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This ability is built right into MacOS

Hope this helps

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Thank you for the speedy reply.


When I go to About this Mac and look at Legacy Software there is no column showing 64 bit or the word NO for 32 bit.

However when I click on a listed application it shows as being 32 bit.

The Pages app is listed as being 32 bit.

It runs fine.

And when I go to the App store it shows that Pages is up to date.

This applies to about 30 applications. I’ll research this further but there is something amiss. lol.

Again, thank you for your help. Greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Timber

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