China introduces mandatory face scans for phone users

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The Chinese “Communist” party is no longer interested in Communism, it is interested in retaining power at all costs, and this is an example of how to do it…


Wow, that’s a good way to drive sales away from the high street!

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They are slowly indexing each one of their citizens. Can you imagine what kind of AI systems must be in the background of all of this?

At the same time they may be looking at stories published here about how Google, Facebook, Twitter etc etc have what essentially amounts to mandatory access to location, data, meta data, contacts, thoughts etc etc and be as appalled as we are at this.

If there’s any reason for people in democratic countries to stop hating each other and start working together to ensure we all continue to have our freedoms it’s crazy stuff like this.


I’m banned from China over an old website I had, and besides, my face will break their system. I do not think it is a very good law, in any way, shape or form.