Cert errors for shows?

That’s just a sign about windows and android :slight_smile:

WW and TWiG failed again today. I was sitting in front of my PC when I tried TWiG and looked at the Pi-Hole logs as I was trying to download.

Megaphone has moved over to “traffic.megaphone.fm” for its downloads, I had previously whitelisted megaphone.fm, but they have now pushed it over to a sub-domain.

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Oh for crying out loud. I’m so sorry.


It isn’t your fault, @Leo, but for those of us who care about are privacy, but want to support TWiT, it is annoying.

I wish it was possible for companies like yours to do without tracking, but a lot of companies don’t care about their customers or their privacy, so everybody is forced down to their level.


This has become an issue in the past year as advertisers have come to expect everywhere the data they can get from Google and Facebook. Podcasts only really have one way to get more data - that’s to share the downloading IP address. We choose not to give it to advertisers directly but to a trusted third-party, but it still looks like tracking.

We’re working on another way. Stay tuned.


Just a quick update, Megaphone have not changed the domains again this week (at least here in Germany) and WW and TWiG came down without errors.


so I’ve gone nearly 3 weeks without an issue, I did nothing to ‘remediate’ it. just straight pfsense/snort.