Can you run Multiple Harmony Hubs?

I have multiple TV watching spots and would like to run Multiple Harmony Hubs, is this possible? I have one right now, would like to add 1 to 2 more. I have seen mixed responses online.

If it is possible, then how? what do I need to know?

I have 3 Harmony hubs in my house. It’s easy to switch hubs in the app.


I am literally just about to go try and set up a second Harmony Companion. I assume the UHF remote comes out of the box paired with the hub in the box. I will report back any oddness.

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Welp, Logitech makes some seriously buggy/crappy software, but I got it working. There were no challenges related to having more than one, that I could tell. I suspect the weird error messages I got are related to the fact that I had an ancient “Logitech Account” because the first remote was installed many years ago (at least 3), and I haven’t logged in since until now. In any case, in the menu there is an option to “Switch Hubs” and then on that screen is the button to add a new one.

I found I had trouble connecting to the network, and when it finally worked the app just seemed to have “dead ended,” there was no “next” button or anything. I just restarted it. (I did that a lot, see errors below.) Then it eventually didn’t want to log into my account… it just hung, so I restarted. Then they upgraded the firmware, and I got my first funky error message. Then I restarted and got the second funky error message, and restarted again. Eventually I got it to work fine… but boy it doesn’t come across as very polished.

I should be clear that at NO POINT did I do a “factory” reset, and I think that is really bad advice from this app. Also the remote must come paired to the hub as I never had any issue with remote conflict nor any issue with it not working with the right hub… and I didn’t have to do any pairing on my own.

You may encounter some really “wonderful” error messages, such as these two:

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