Camera Light that Andy Ihnatko recommended

I was looking to buy that small “handheld” light that Andy Inhatko recommended awhile back on Macbreak. The name escapes me but I know Amazon sells it. Leo and Chris Marquardt also bought it. Can you tell me what the name was? Thanks for your help.

Was it the lume cube?

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Here’s the Lume Cube video:

Another from 2018 via the MBW Picks website:

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Anker also now sells a Made for iPhone light/flash. I just got it and it really is great. I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow on iOS Today.


Thanks for the Info. The items you mentioned what I was thinking of. The flash has a separate hotshoe (attached to the camera) that acts as a remote to the flash. That way you can place the flash where you want it while taking the photo. Sorry for being a pain the A**.

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I have a LumeCube Air. It’s pretty dadgum nice and durable. Cold shoe mount. Bluetooth connectivity. Pretty bright.


Hey Ant- Thanks. The one Andy suggested had a hotshoe but could separate from the “base” on the camera and would only flash when the shutter button was pressed.

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Ahh that would be the Lightpix FlashQ Q20

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That pick was on this May 2019 episode.

Thank you Andrew! That is exactly what I was looking for. For the life of me I couldn’t remember the name. Thanks again!

Thanks Paul. I thought it was from 2019 but just couldn’t remember.

Just a note wrt the Lume Cube recommendation, neither Amazon nor the Lume Cube website are selling them any more… seems that a few serious quality issues sprang up, at least with the most recently manufactured version of it.
Some used ones are for sale. If you want to read reviews, sort by Most Recent.

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Well that’s embarrassing! I swear I looked for it. I also assumed (too quickly) they weren’t being manufactured because of the two-pack that’s unavailable, and missing or unreasonably higher prices on Amazon. Maybe there is/was a shortage, but in any case my bad, I’s mistaken.

Thank you for the correction. I’ll still keep an eye on the most recent reviews, though… like maybe a month or two from now.

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I own the original and I’m very happy with it. Just bought the Lume Light for Zoom calls, too!


:wink: Yeah I still have and use the Air model. Quite handy.

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Thanks y’all… I’d rather be mistaken in this case, so I’ll keep watching comments on the product’s current iteration. I looked into it originally because I thought it should make a great gift, and would probably go with the two-pack.

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