Camera Light that Andy Ihnatko recommended

I was looking to buy that small “handheld” light that Andy Inhatko recommended awhile back on Macbreak. The name escapes me but I know Amazon sells it. Leo and Chris Marquardt also bought it. Can you tell me what the name was? Thanks for your help.

Was it the lume cube?

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Here’s the Lume Cube video:

Another from 2018 via the MBW Picks website:

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Anker also now sells a Made for iPhone light/flash. I just got it and it really is great. I’ll be reviewing it tomorrow on iOS Today.


Thanks for the Info. The items you mentioned what I was thinking of. The flash has a separate hotshoe (attached to the camera) that acts as a remote to the flash. That way you can place the flash where you want it while taking the photo. Sorry for being a pain the A**.

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I have a LumeCube Air. It’s pretty dadgum nice and durable. Cold shoe mount. Bluetooth connectivity. Pretty bright.


Hey Ant- Thanks. The one Andy suggested had a hotshoe but could separate from the “base” on the camera and would only flash when the shutter button was pressed.

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Ahh that would be the Lightpix FlashQ Q20

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That pick was on this May 2019 episode.

Thank you Andrew! That is exactly what I was looking for. For the life of me I couldn’t remember the name. Thanks again!

Thanks Paul. I thought it was from 2019 but just couldn’t remember.