California lost 190K residents last year

How much longer can these tech companies stay here if the young talent is leaving?

Do you think the tech companies will move offshore or to the middle of the country?

I would guess TX, TN, NC, FL, AZ. All much better business environments than California. I don’t understand why any corporation would be based in CA or NY to be honest. They say because of “talent.” With all do respect, I think that is nonsense. There is talent everywhere.


I was just having this conversation with the family over Xmas. Less and less reason to center your org in the bay area, and more reasons now than ever not to.

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Yup, I honestly I can’t think of one good reason to center your organization in the Bay area.

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I wouldn’t go as far as to say there are 0 reasons. There’s still a major concentration of VC money in the area, and as shallow as it is, I believe there’s still a prestige associated with being based there. Also a considerable talent pool and research opportunities in the local universities.

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Google search “why move from silicon valley” and you’ll have plenty answers.

I disagree with this. There are talent pools everywhere. I also do not believe a Stanford education is a requirement to do most of these jobs. I just don’t.


Tech is a wide range of jobs from technical customer support, to system administration to distributed computing systems architecture. I think there is a difference where and how you get an advanced degree.

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I don’t think there is a difference. These large universities are nothing but bloated bureaucracies who pray on their students. I got my four year degree from a local college, many of my friends in high school (who wen to a large public university) are still paying back their loans 10 years later, and I got my education at fraction of the cost. I am also making more money than they are.

I also want to point out. If these tech companies want to leave California they do not have to fire everyone. I have to say, every single person who works for Apple, Intel, Facebook, Google etc would be much better off financially if they did not live in California. The numbers do not lie on that.

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Look at Apple, the quintessential California/Silicon Valley company - even they are building a $Billion dollar second HQ in Texas

I would add Nevada to the list

I’m not equating the cost of education with the quality. I live in California and any of the university of California campuses turn out top people, just like Stanford.
But going to UCSB or Cal Tech for Computer Science is not necessarily the same as going to some small private college or some online school.

We agree to disagree on that. I don’t think there is any credible reason to go to large pubic university. In fact, unless you grew up in Casper, WY or a town like that, I would say that college should always be within driving distance of where you grew up and there is no reason to leave the area you grew up in.

If were POTUS, I would use the bully pulpit to destroy these large public universities. They have unlimited tax payer resources both directly and indirectly from government guaranteed loans and they use to change culture and keep their bloated bureaucracies in place.

There is nothing special about a student who went to Stanford or Harvard versus another local or private college. All that shows is how much money their parents had.

I own a small business and occasionally prospective employees will come in to interview for a job and talk about where they went to college. My response is “I don’t care where you went to college, what can you do for me?”

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So you are in favor of many small public colleges but not for larger public colleges? Interesting idea.
You mention the president, but as far as I know the public college systems are run by the states. Shouldn’t that be their decision?
How do you feel about private colleges?

But back to the article you posted, do you think people are leaving because of the high cost of housing or some other factors?

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That’s gonna be a yikes from me dawg. College is more than just cost to benefit ratio of your education and income. It’s experience and understanding your place in the world, networking and trying new things. Moving away from home even if it’s a state or a few hundred miles away can do a lot for a person. I wouldn’t suggest limiting anyone to going to college driving distance from their mothers house unless all the other benefits made all things equal.

This is coming from someone who went to college driving distance from my mom’s house. Getting my grad at U of Illinois online.


But I agree. Get the heck outta California. A metric ton of these jobs can happen remotely anyway.

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Yes, I favor mostly private colleges as long as there are no subsidized student loans. That is why college costs are so high. Public colleges can exist in certain states if that is what those states want, but they can not be subsidized is any way from the Federal government (including student loans). If state governments want to subsidize them directly that is up to them (but no student loan subsidies at all).

I believe people in California are moving for several factors: High taxes, high cost of living and the governments inability to deal with problems such as homeless population and dirty streets. Go around SF, it is disgusting. quick article on it, but there are numerous other ones that show heroin needles on the floor as well.

California is basically financed by several large tech companies. If any of them leave (which they should) California’s budget goes up in smoke. They have more income inequity than any other state in the country. It is laughable when people claim this state is a success story.

“Experience” and “Understanding” is not worth spending 20 years of your life in debt. Period.

Who said anything about debt? There are thousands and thousands of low cost colleges all over the country. I did not say you should not take cost into account. I said you shouldn’t limit yourself.

Besides, the reason colleges cost so much has absolutely nothing to do with locality to your parents house and everything to do with the super messed up system we have in place for higher education in the US.