Cake Delivery to Napa


Very off-topic question :wink:

Long Time Fan of the TwiT Network (twig, aaa and ww are my main shows). We have a small family winery in Austria, i listen to twit shows while out working in the vineyards. Our US-Importer is located in Napa and their 10th Birthday is coming up and we thought maybe we could order a cake to be delivered to their office. So I thought why not tap into the twit hive mind to find the best place to order such a cake and have it delivered. Since Napa is not that far from Petaluma maybe some of the team members also have ideas.

Any suggestions welcome!


btw: if you are looking for great wines at great prices and are their main sites.

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I know @Leo has had fancy cupcakes for special events back in the days before covid when they still had staff and audiences on site. I couldn’t be much further away from California, and have yet to visit TWiT, but my Google Fu found these two interesting places

I’m not from the area so can’t offer much help, but that’s a great idea! Hope it works out for you.

Will keep their sites in mind next time I purchase.

Thanks for the suggestions and the help.

Coincidentally, they have our wine on sale today. So if you are looking for some fresh Grüner Veltliner from Austria head over to: