Bypass Windows 7 Extended Security Updates Eligibility

It was only a matter of time before people worked out how to unlock extended updates for home users.

The one question I have for this would be if the patches themselves are (or would be) any different between Home and the other editions. It feels like they wouldn’t be producing and/or testing patches for an edition they explicitly don’t intend to support.

There is only support for Windows 7 Pro and Windows 7 Enterprise, so no, it won’t be tested with Windows 7 Home and there is no guarantee that it won’t cause any problems

The other question is whether they will push the updates out over the normal Windows Update channel or whether they will only push it out to corporate customers using WSUS or similar tools to distribute updates internally.

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The patch is to enable regular updates as available to paid business users.
Any business users that rely on WSUS or similar tools, won’t be using the windows own update system anyway.

The main difference between Pro and Home versions of the OS is a difference in what stuff is included.
You won’t get patches for things you don’t have, unless it is something that all versions will be getting.

Compared to the way extending XP support is done by faking an electronic point of sale unit, the Win 7 updates should be more specific to the version of Windows you are running.

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Worth adding these 2 links in this thread

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