Blackberry Storm? Really?

Ant, watching the most recent TNW and I was shocked to here you refer to the Storm as your favorite blackberry! I had the misfortune of getting a Storm 2 from my employer during 2010-11 and I can say that this was far and away the worst phone I’ve ever used. The click sreen was terrible and the overall UI of the device was a hopeless mashup of classic BB with a sprinkling of sort of touch-centric elements, but with too much of the former. Trying to enter information in web forms was an exercise in frustration. All of this would be bad enough if it were at least stable. Unfortunately, the whole device would crash at least 1-2 times a day and took over 10 minutes to completely reboot and be ready for use again. It was so bad that I just forwarded my work number to my personal OG Moto Droid and used that for everything but getting my work email.


Lol! I loved my Storm. I was the only person, apparently. I remember having fun loading OS 5.0 on it. It was fun :blush:

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I was not a fan of the Storm, But I had a Blackberry Torch and loved it. I switched from BB to Android, then to Windows Phone, and eventually over to IOS where I’ve happily been for years.

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You were the only one @ant_pruitt! Lisa had a Storm when we first met and I managed to run it over (literally - she left it on the roof of her car) and get her switched to an iPhone.

The worst thing about the Storm was that clicky screen.

I did love Blackberrys before the iPhone came out though. Bought my first Blackberry in late 2001 - it was a pager with a keyboard. My kids kept saying, put down the Blackberry, dad!