Best MacOS recovery software for seagate external hard drive

What is the Best recovery software from my seagate external hard drive. I have missing files and videos. Help Obi-Wan Kenobi

It’s hard to know what to recommend without knowing WHY you’re having a problem, or without even knowing what OS you are even running and/or what filesystem was loaded on the HDD. Did you accidentally delete them, did the hard drive have a hardware event/failure (did you drop it, shake or otherwise physically abuse it) or did you have filesystem corruption (say you accidentally disconnected it while it was still writing.)

If physical damage is NOT suspected, and if it’s Windows and has NTFS on it, then possibly the first place to start is with a simple CHKDSK. If you have physical damage, or just age, then you might consider a disk exerciser, that will force the disk to read every sector and have it attempt its own recovery. In this case, there are paid tools, but it depends on your technical skills whether you go that route or not. (If you’re handy with computers, and could boot a Linux USB, you could just use a command line, for example, rather than spend $50+ on a tool.)

If it’s accidental deletion, then something like Recuva might do the job. (Note I am going on word of mouth, I have never used it, only heard it recommended by @Leo and others. Also when it was last recommended, it was not owned by the current owner.)

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Thank you Great points here is the information I didn’t include yeah. It’s a friend’s computer MacBook Pro 2015 running mavericks. He was importing video files into the 2 TB Seagate external hard drive when Computer did some weird things. I’ve already run disk utility it did repair the disc. The external Seagate didn’t stop working, some files disappeared, large video files.

The 2 TB external hard drive is formatted efat. He is looking for software that would be able to recover the hidden files. We checked the trash there’s nothing in the trash.

We are looking for some sort of recovery software. I explained to him how old Mavericks is and he should’ve formatted the external hard drive to extended journal but he doesn’t know much about computers. He’s a professional surfer who is missing large video files from pipeline in Hawaii. If you have any suggestions to what software to purchase to recover those files greatly appreciate it.

Apparently this is a known issue with Seagate.

Thank you

I’m going to have to bow out, as I am not a Mac person, but surely someone else here will have some helpful input.