Best free backup program for windows 10

What is the best free backup program for windows 10 that can image my windows hard drive.

You already have it. The legacy Windows 7 Backup and Restore still ships with Windows 10 - it can make an image or do a standard backup.

EaseUS To Do Backup free is also pretty good.


Thanks Leo I have heard a lot of good things about todo as well.

I used Veeam PC backup. We use the Veeam virtual machine backup Enterprise at work and it is great.

I switched to Linux on my home PC and backed up my Windows 10 installation first (3 512GB SSDs and 2TB spinning rust) to an external drive using their free Veaam PC backup agent. It makes it encrypted and creates a recovery dongle.

After a couple of weeks trying to get Linux to work on my PC, I gave up. It didn’t work reliably with my nVidia graphic card - it would regularly freeze when waking from sleep - and the Bluetooth never worked reliably. I stuck in the external drive and booted from the USB recovery dongle that Veeam had created and nothing… It didn’t like it that the drives were Linux partitioned. I deleted the partions and tried again and it recovered all 4 drives without a hitch, everything was back up and running in a couple of hours.

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This made me chuckle because Bluetooth works so reliably on windows…

Man I hate Bluetooth.

I’ve been using a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard on Windows for about 6 years now and no problems (apart from having to fish out a wired keyboard for UEFI updates). Under Linux the BT would drop mid sentence and come back about 4 seconds later, that can be a lot of characters, when you are a touch typist at 60 words a minute.

Bluetooth has always been the gremlin in Linux.

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I used the free version for a while. Eventually paid for it to get more features.

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I just want to add a vote for Macruim Reflect. I was getting annoyed with my last bit of software, happened to find Reflect for unrelated reasons, at some point I bought Reflect (because the feature I wanted that would make the switchover worth it was a paid only feature)

I still need the old backup software in case I need something from an old computer. I would have had a backup with Reflect if my old computer did do it’s once in a blue moon BSOD during the backup and I was in a hurry to do something else with the hardware that would wipe out Windows on it. Would have been the one time I would have used the free version.

I decided to use Active Disk Image, its not free but its fast and it does what I want it to do…

Another vote for Macrium Reflect here. I use it on 8 systems, and for my requirements the Free edition is fine - all I want to do is make a disk image, and restore from it. If my requirements changed to include something that’s only in the paid version, I’d have no hesitation in buying it.

I have used the included Windows 7 Backup on some Windows 10 systems in the past, but after reading some threads on forums elsewhere that suggested that a few people had problems with being unable to restore from their backups, I decided not to take the risk, and standardised on Reflect for everything. I’ve restored systems from Reflect images several times without any problems.

One of the things that I do like about Macrium is that they regularly issue updates and the product notifies you when updates are available. Granted that must mean another always-running task is monitoring for updates, but it doesn’t apply any visible load to the system so I’m happy to accept that. Came in handy when Win 10 1909 introduced a change that meant that Reflect would get to the end of creating an image then fail: Macrium quickly pushed out an update which resolved the issue.

I’ve used the Easus and Acronis products back in the days of Windows XP and before, but I must have found something lacking as they were then, because I never stayed with them. Back in those days my preferred disk image tool was the now long-dead Norton Ghost. Perhaps it should be called Zombie instead, because I was amused by a picture of a Pitney Bowes depot published in one of their Twitter feeds last year when they suffered a ransomware attack, which (if you zoomed in), clearly showed one of their systems being restored with Ghost. As I recall, it only understood DOS-based systems with very small hard disks.

Acronis is out of control now, its too big and does too many tings, too bad it was a good product at one time.

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