Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones

I just got a pair of Beats Solo Pro wireless headphones, and holy cow! I have never owned a pair of noise cancelling headphones before and I’m surprised how well it works. The transparency mode is great too.

The sound is pretty balanced for a pair of Beats - my Beats X earphones are more bass heavy than these. The headphones switch on when they are unfolded and pair with my iPhone very easily. I haven’t managed to pair them to my Windows laptop yet though, which unfortunate - there doesn’t seem to be a way to put the headphones into pairing mode.

Overall, very impressed with the Solo Pro headphones - definitely the most expensive headphones I have ever bought.

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The Studio 3 Wireless are the ones I am using and the noise cancelling on those work really well also. And just like you I am glad they are not bass heavy like they used to be.

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Very cool. Mind telling us how much they were? $200-$300?

I think they’re $300 US.

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Ok, thanks for the info