Australian government to make Facebook and Google to pay for news

I generally do not rely on Facebook or Google to get news.

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The same here. I’ve only ever used Google News when it hit the headlines in Germany for “stealing” contents, I never found it at all useful and went back to reading actual news sites, such as (our local paper, federated with dpa) and a few other, relatively unbiased news sources.

Where I find Google really bad is for breaking news, especially breaking local news. There was a rail accident about 300M from our house on Saturday (somebody tried to ignore the barriers over the road and ran out in front of the passing train). Googling brought no information, the local NOZ had a preliminary report within half an hour.

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I have mainly used Feedly with a variety of news feeds subscribed. I am also subscribed to some news sites’ Twitter feeds for breaking news; also ABC (Australia) and BBC news apps on my phone.

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I totally agree with forcing Big Tech to pay for the news articles they so frequently republish. For way too long, Big Tech has profited off the intellectual labor of others…which is nothing but stealing.

I do use Google news. But no way do I use Facebook

Facebook and its 2,500+ registered domains are all routed to on my devices (unreachable). It solves a lot of problems.


Good idea… :smiley: