Attack of the Show documentary in the works

Think they’ll mention Screen Savers? Interview Leo?

Disclaimer… this is a Kickstarter, but I have no affiliation with the doc.

I don’t think Olivia Munn needs the work, her career seems quite productive… but I guess Kevin Pereira could use a boost.

One could argue that TWiT is a form of documentary for The Screen Savers… many of the hosts are on or have been on TWiT over the years.

I also wonder exactly what a documentary would conclude? “stupid execs make bad decisions because they don’t understand their demographic” ?


My comment was in reference to the fact that AOTS grew out of the Screen Savers. Kevin Rose was a carry over (others too?). And of course Leo and Patrick Norton featured in the final episode of AOTS.

It feels odd to me that this is a doc about the “good old days” of 2005-2012 for those who look back on it with nostalgia. Mainly young people who think that was a long time ago! I guess I’m officially old now.


I am going to ask the obvious question that is on our minds:

Has a Tech TV documentary been made? If not, should we try to create one?


There is no Tech TV documentary, not sure if there needs to be one. TWiT is much better :wink:

A question I imagine very few are actually asking!