Attaching PDFs in iMessage

In iOS 13, I believe the only way to attach a PDF in your Files folder is to go into the Files folder, copy the file, and then switch back to iMessage and paste.

I thought in iOS12 you could do this easier by long pressing in the iMessage text box and a pop up would show something like “Add Document” comes up (like it still does in Mail).

Is there a better way to do this in iMessages? Am I hallucinating that this pop up was there before? Thanks!

If it’s in the files app, you can share through message.

How specially to do this? I don’t see anyway to do it in the message app.

I open the pdf in files then under the share icon, messages appears as a choice to share with along with email etc. I’m using my iPad to do this with iPadOS 13.2

Yes. Thanks. Got that. But is there a way while in Messages to click something IN messages that would open the File folder to allow me to insert a PDF?

Ahhh… I understand what your looking for now. I don’t see anywhere to do that. I always did the opposite and selected what I wanted to share then the method to share it.

Okay. Thanks. I could have sworn that we could do this in iOS 12.

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I’ll check my wife’s phone when I get home today. She hasn’t updated yet

That’s very kind of you. Thanks. I reminder being able to tap and hold in the text box and up would pop different options like Paste, Insert Attachment, etc.

It says cut, copy, replace, lookup, share. I couldn’t find a way to choose a pdf to add to a text message without using a different app She still has 12.4.1 on her phone.

Thanks for checking. I must have been confusing it with Mail.