ATG 1961: Not In My Hot Tub Buddy

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Leo says
“Leo Laporte (00:56:25):
There’s a wonderful, highly recommended documentary. I think it’s on YouTube about the, the zip wars, particularly with pk. And I, I’m not gonna say what happened cuz I don’t wanna misstate it, but it, there was huge controversy around PK Zipp and it’s a fascinating documentary. I’ll find, I’ll find out. I’ll put it in our show note”

where is the link to the Pk zip documentary mentioned here? thanks in advance, cheers!

Could be this one. Leo mentioned it was called the “BBS Documentary”, and this is the part about ZIP.

I think you’re right, thanks

There is also this:

Also, if you like back stories of betrayal and backstabbing from the good old days of tech, you might like this channel: LowSpecGamer - YouTube