ATG 1998: The Best Tail in the Biz

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A glitch in my downloaded audio podcast file. Or it might be something faulty in the player I’m using (Podcast Republic on Android).

File plays from the start OK, when it gets to 0:16:53 where Leo is saying “used to do a YouTube show with Lemar”, the audio stops. When I check the player, it looks like it’s still playing - not paused - but the time counter isn’t advancing.

If I skip forward 15 sec, it resumes playing, I’m in the call with the ex-military avionics gent. Skip back 15 sec and I’m still in that call and it keeps playing, skip back another 15 sec and I’m back with Leo talking, and it locks up when it gets to 0:16:53 again.

Like I said, it might just be my player, or it might be a subtle corruption that occurred during the download of the file I’m playing, but I thought I’d better report it.

Thanks Clayton - we’ll check into it, but since I haven’t heard anything from anyone else I’m going to guess it’s on your end!

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