Apple Open Source's HomeKit could be an interesting topic

Huge ramifications for HomeBridge, which should make it much easier to add your own thing. I think the best thing that could be added is secure video, I’d love to get Wyze integrated into HomeKit


Kinda goes hand in hand with Google, Apple and Amazon (+Ikea among others) working on a single standard for IoT interoperability.

It is interesting for non-commercial users, for commercial users like Wyze there is no change in the status quo. From the readme, bolding mine:

The HomeKit Open Source ADK is an open-source version of the HomeKit Accessory Development Kit. It can be used by any developer to prototype non-commercial smart home accessories. For commercial accessories, accessory developers must continue to use the commercial version of the HomeKit ADK available through the MFi Program.

It was disappointing that nobody, especially the IoT expert Stacey, read the short read me to see that this is not going to help companies, it will only help hobbyists.

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