Apple Design at Work


I think that shot is from MBKHD’s unboxing of the Mac Pro where he was lamenting the lack of full size USB ports where he could plug his card reader. He plugged in his portable USB C card reader (designed for a phone) into the top just to prove a point.

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U r right.
Another time when Apple decide “design over function”. This one is “just” inconvenient but the lack of dust filter behind the air intake grill, shows that Apple simply don’t care.
This is a machine designed to look good on YouTube. It was not designed for the real world with dirt & dust even in most server rooms, let alone Offices.
I still remember how “the media” went crazy when the “Apple Trash can appeared”. How these “innovative Apple Engineers” showed the rest of the world that a single fan is enough, you just have to do it right. And what do the same people say now?

A “Pro Machine” with only 2 Full USB Ports on the outside. And this time there is NO argument that there was simply not enough space. Looks cool with more dongles I bet.

Funny thing is that Hackintosh builds can already outperform this overpriced gimmick…
It seems Mr. Laporte was right, when he said this is Apple showing “we can do better”. Yes, but only marginally…