App for rating my Internet Profile

We all know our data is scooped up by Facebook, Google, Apple and countless others.
I would like a app that would let me know what profile my data is feeding to advertisers. Maybe one is out there. If you know of one, clue me in!

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Just your profile? …or your profile, likes, follows, posts, comments and other content?

That is what I mean by “Profile” The things advertisers pay to know about me.

In the upcoming version of iOS it will tell you what data apps are collecting and with whom they will share it - AND ask you if it’s ok or not

I’m not aware of an app (and would probably not want to grant an app access to that data anyway) but I think most of the services have a dashboard where you can review the advertising data held, edit it, turn it off etc. is Google’s for example.

Apple it’s in the settings…

Dunno about Facebook, but prob in settings somewhere.

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Thanks, but I am an Android guy.

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I was in a similar frame of mind when I made my post asking for my own supercookie to track my own data as it gets sucked up around the web.
I Want My Own Supercookie - Tech Talk - TWiT.Community

Like my wish, I think what you’re looking for is never going to happen-- and that is to see how these various platforms categorize you after crunching all the data they have about you. At least that is how I read your request.

If there was an accessible way for users to understand their profile, then they could use that tool to serve themselves up to advertisers-- in effect monetizing their data directly rather than indirectly through places like Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

But maybe there should be something we should be able to see, similar to how we have access to our credit scores. To some extent these profiles can be just as influential as our credit scores, and they are completely opaque. At least with a credit score you can identify specific problem areas and attempt to remedy them. No such luck with whatever an ad-tech platform says about you to an advertiser.

EDIT: I partly take that back. The link that @Jamze shared above does show you some categories of things associated with your profile.

I was thinking of the data dashboard where you can see the data inputs you’ve shared with Google (Facebook has something similar). Still, I would guess that these companies know more than what you directly share with them.

Also, the groupings are probably so fine-grained that they defy easy categorization. This is not like typical consumer segmentations where you might have five to ten target segments.