MBW 741: Comparing Apples to Bananas

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@mikahsargent @Lory as far as I know neither Google nor Facebook share your data with anyone. Advertisers tell Facebook and Google the types of users they’d like to reach. Facebook and Google then serve the ads to appropriate users based on the various criteria. At no time does the advertiser see a list of users or the users’ data. Advertisers trust that when they ask to reach users of a given age, income range, gender, household size, location, interests, etc. that Google and Facebook accurately deliver the ads.

This is a subtle, but important—and often overlooked— difference.

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What’s up with low res video feed on Rene Ritchie and Lory Gil during playback?

I watched live, they tried to address it, but multiple different things didn’t help. Skype is a nightmare I think… and you can’t rely on it to work well when you need it to.

Regarding the customization of the iPhone, I was excited to use it, but not really interested in going further, and creating new widgets with apps, because I’m old, and I don’t have that kind of patience.

But what I found was, despite getting my phone looking pretty cool, I couldn’t find apps. Most of the widgets didn’t seem to have usable info for me, and I had to click through, just as I would have had I not used a widget. And with the space widgets took up, it pushed other icons back 2 or 3 pages.

So, now my phone looks just like every other iPhone I’ve ever had. I might play around with it some more, just out of pandemic boredom. However, even though I don’t find the widgets particularly useful, I’m glad Apple gave people the option to customize.