Anyone else prefer smaller monitors?

I like big monitors, but I “downgraded” a while back to one monitor from two. Easier to manage. I’m also considering swapping my 16:9 monitor for an ultrawide. The advent of tall phones seems to have nudged content creators to a 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

Playing with it now. Rec settings according to the documentation is 2560x1080 however Windows doesn’t even give me that option. Looks a little funky at 1980 x 1080.

Graphics drivers are installed and updated? You may need to add a custom resolution in the graphics settings.

Yes I updated the drivers to the LG UW drivers. However the graphics settings only allows me to customize a specific app, no option to add a custom resolution that I am seeing.

What cable are you using and what device are you connecting it to? If it’s a Surface device, might be this issue:

(and yes, graphics cables are a messy situation)

Yeah I think that is it. I’m connected to an Intel based Surface Pro…the new AMD based laptop wont come in for another week or so. I probably just have to wait for that to come in before I can adjust the settings properly.

However I use the Surface Dock, which only supports Mini Display Port, so I’m using HDMI to mini display…is that going to effect anything once I get my AMD Machine in?

I work with two 27 inch at the office and it’s mostly to multitask. Have email and messaging/collaboration up on one and productivity apps on the other. At home I use one monitor and a dock for my laptop but it’s a 32 inch Samsung curved which is fine because I am usually only doing one thing at a time.

Each to their own workflow as it were.

I think you should be able to use the official mini display port to hdmi 2.0 adapter without issues:

Can’t confirm if that’s the case with the Surface Laptop 3. This might fix it (second reply, and the setting I was alluding to earlier, though I forgot to mention it’s buried in there):

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Yes indeed it looks like even with the AMD version I’ll likely still need that adapter. Thanks for the info!!

However I could always plug it in directly via USB C to the SL3, but totally defies the point of using the dock lol

I’ve been eyeing this beast…

It allows two distinct inputs on screen simultaneously. I was thinking I could ditch a two monitor setup for a single 49" ultrawide. I may need to wear sunscreen though.

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I find these large monitors too overwhelming to stare at it. Guess I am in the minority :stuck_out_tongue: