Annual survey - questions with no answers

Two of the questions towards the end of the annual survey were about how you discover shows. I don’t, apart from an initial search in Doggcatcher. It then plays me new episodes in an round-robin fashion.

You don’t leave the option “none of the above” so my answers to these questions had to be false.




I give you permission to ignore questions that don’t make sense, don’t offer an option you need, etc etc. Answer the questions for which you have a quick answer. We’re very grateful for any questions you answer!

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I will note that some of the questions are highly slanted toward people who are “mass consumers” of podcasts. I don’t consume any podcasts in the technical sense… all I ever watch is TWiT, mostly live. To me I think the most important question is which TWiT shows I watch, and I am certain to answer that one even when I have to skip the ones that ask me what [other] podcasts I watch or what types/categories of podcast content I watch.