AAA 488: All These Flipping Phones!

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Good episode overall. Seemed like a busy week for news, rumors, updates. The odd thing was an add for online sports betting at 1:00:00 into the show. When it first started running I thought my player had skipped to another podcast or a pop-up ad in a browser had hijacked the audio feed. I don’t remember the last time I heard an ad in a TWiT show that wasn’t read or recorded by the host/staff.

@Leo announced this a while back, so far TWiG was the main recipient. When they can’t sell all the advertising space, the CDN/podcast streaming service they use is adding external adverts, I think it is currently limited to North America.

This has been mentioned/discussed in other places, here’s one:

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OK. That explains how it happened to be geo-tagged to my state, too. I just happened to be driving in town today and saw a billboard for the same ad. Totally makes sense. Thanks for clarifying!