41year old HitchHiker tapes

Just bought a Sony TC 399 and I’m listening to The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy on 41 year old tapes. It sounds beautiful playing through my Rotel amp and Mission Speakers.
Oh, and I bought some peanuts but…
I’ve lost one Tape. It was the Christmas special joining series one to series 2.


Very cool!!! I once owned a Sony TC-730 reel to reel - it was marvelous

Thanks, I’m going to put all my Vinyl on Reel to Reel now

I had them on audio cassette, recorded from direct from the radio, but I listened to them so much that they became so stretched over the years that they were no longer playable.

That and BBC Radio 4’ Radio Active defined my teenage years.

Radio Active ? Was that Mike Flex, Mike Stand and Anna Dapter, who went on to do KYTV?

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I remember one gag, a diver talking through his mask under water, a wet “splat”, a “what’s that?” And then somebody translated the diver, “that’s the sick squid I owe you!” :smiley: